Led by Austin I. Ogwu, MD, a board certified physician with American Board of Internal Medicine,

our staff is a group of highly trained health care professionals who are devoted to

providing the best in service to you and your family.
Dr. Ogwu is also certified with the Board of Disability Analyst & has been
designated as a Civil Surgeon by the USCIS.

About Austin I. Ogwu, MD

My interest in medicine stems from the fact that I lost my mother when I was just three months old from a simple and treatable illness of

diarrhea with dehydration. I have since held the opinion that no one should have to die from lack of basic health care. 

After completing my high school education in Nigeria where I was born, I went to Alexandria University in Egypt where I obtained my pre-med and medical degrees with honors. On graduation, I returned to Nigeria and later to Zimbawe to provide medical services to the under served population. 

I did my residency in internal medicine at Harlem Hospital in New York, an affiliate of Columbia University. I have been board certified with both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Board of Disability Analyst.  After my training in New York, I worked for many years at

Martin Luther King Family Medical Clinic in Dallas where I rose to become the Medical Director.
In 2003, I established Alpha Medical Center in Lancaster with the goal of providing comprehensive and quality primary care with compassion and convenience. This is one stop for primary care with dignity, quality and excellent medical services.